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  • IP and Analog Camera Installs
  • Site Survey Consults
  • Network Security
  • Information Security
  • Access Control System

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Protect Your Business & Data

Do you wonder how vulnerable you are from threats such as viruses, hacking or information theft? Information Security (InfoSec) is the fastest growing need in today’s business environments.

At AIS, we design, implement, and maintain systems that protect our customers from both physical and cyber security threats that may arise within their environments.

We work with our clients to provide comprehensive security solutions that best fits your facility layout and specific penetration concerns. We work closely with industry leaders, staying in front of emerging security trends and technology.

Products and Services Offering

Uptime and data replication, should something go wrong, are all dependent on your IT provider’s infrastructure and experience. At AIS, we can:

  • Network Threat Detection: Our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and security management services monitor your network, identify suspicious activity, and provide verified alerts and recommended remediation steps.
  • Web Application Security: Our managed web application firewall is your frontline defense against attacks. Deployment models match your requirements and offer 24×7 monitoring for solid protection against compromises.
  • Compliance: Meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, or SOX Cobit compliance requirements in an easily managed, affordable way.
  • Risk Analysis: Our experts can pinpoint the flaws in your system and design a strategy to resolve them
  • Virus Protection: Keep your business safe from spyware, malware, and other viral threats
  • Secure Entry for Users: Including virtual private networks, encryption options, and password protection
  • Video Surveillance:  IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and Hosted Video Storage

Protecting your business both physically and virtually is becoming more and more critical. An attack on your physical space or network systems can have a tremendous effect on the ability for you to run your business. A few small steps can be taken to ensure you have a secure environment so that you and your employees can focus on their jobs… running the business.

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